Communidad Maya Pixan Ixim offers a wide variety of programs to the community. Learn more about these programs below.

Maya Health Initiative

To promote health and prevent illness aggravation within the Q’anjob’al Maya People in Nebraska and Q’anjob’al Maya Territory.

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Human Rights

To exercise our inherent and inalienable rights to political and spiritual sovereignty consistent with our laws and contemporary international human rights laws.

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Maya Arts and Culture

To Heal Historical Trauma and Revive the Maya Civilization Through the Arts 

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Maya Regeneration Project

We envision that the Maya Community in Nebraska and Q’anjob’al Maya Territory will be prosperous and contribute to our cultural, economic, and social holistic well-being.

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Maya Education Initiative

To revitalize, use, develop and transmit our histories, languages, oral traditions, philosophies, and writings, at the same time, promote contemporary higher education.

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