Coronavirus (Covid-19) CMPI Response


CMPI Community Action & Resources

During this time of crisis, CMPI is focusing on two areas of need for the South Omaha Community with an emphasis on the Maya community. First, CMPI will create, compile and disseminate high-quality CoronaVirus educational materials in multiple Maya languages, and 2) implement a sustainable food security program that will support local farmers and promote community-family gardens. 

CMPI is in the process of retrofitting its website and Maya Community Center to respond to the needs of the South Omaha Community with special attention CMPI’s constituents, namely, the Maya community; this represents unforeseen expenses. 


Support us:

  1. Please donate to CMPI.  While CMPI and our Partners donate many hours to get this response organized, there are unavoidable expenses, please consider donating today or plan to donate during Omaha Gives 24.

  2. Support a family by purchasing nutritious food boxes from our local farmers. (more information to come)

  3. Donate gardening tools, seeds, and gardening supplies.

  4. Donate a cooler-refrigerator and or a deep freezer

  5. Please Contact Us Here if you plan on donating any of the Physical Items mentioned above. 


COVID 19 Safety Protocols 

CMPI and our partners are committed to following the strict COVID 19 Protocols from US Federal, State and Local Governments including the Center for Disease Control (CDC) regarding hand washing, facilities cleaning, social distancing, and required personal protective equipment. 


Coronavirus Covid-19 Community Resources in Q'anjob'al

COVID Information in Multiple Languages and Dialects

The University of Illinois information Coronavirus in Q’anjob’al

The following links and videos were gathered by the RWHP, with thanks to Evelyn Moraga in Guatemala and Dr. Laura Gonzalez at the University of Florida and her colleagues at CEPIADET in ( in Oaxaca Mexico and CIELO ( in Los Angeles. Together, we will get through this.






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