Maya Regeneration


The mission of this project is to anchor the Q’anjob’al community’s ancient relationship with the land, create employment, build collective wealth, ensure access to healthy food, restore traditions and culture, and support holistic physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

In order to achieve this mission we hope to establish a profitable regenerative poultry, agroforestry, and value-added farm operation on 400-600 acres of land within 60 miles of Omaha.

The Q’anjob’al Maya people possess profound wisdom and agricultural knowledge and have forged meaningful connections with other indigenous groups in Nebraska. But we are also a displaced indigenous people, and many of us live in economic poverty. We propose combining this indigenous wisdom and knowledge with recent advancements in regenerative agriculture to create a food production system that will provide healthy, local food, lift Maya people out of poverty in Nebraska in our traditional homeland, and contribute to broad economic development. 

Community Garden

In the meantime, we have built a community garden at our Maya Community Center in South Omaha. After a blessing ceremony led by Maya spiritual leaders, we planted the garden with seeds from Sacred Seed. With this garden we will teach the community regenerative agriculture techniques and help them access healthy, local food in this time of crisis.

You can learn more about regenerative poultry here.

You can donate to support this project here. 

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