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Mayan Hieroglyphics 101 Online Event

This workshop was on Mayan Hieroglyphics, a writing system used by the Maya for almost two millennia in pre-Hispanic times throughout the Mayan region. Attendees learned about the basic principles of how this writing system works as well as some notions about the Mayan calendrical systems, some of which are still in use in Guatemala today.
This workshop was presented by Alejandro J. Garay Herrera. Alejandro obtained a degree in archeology at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala and is currently working on his PhD in Archaeology at University of Bonn, in Germany. His area of research focuses on Guatemala, where he has done archaeological and ethnographic work on the pre-Hispanic and contemporary Mayas. Alejandro is a scholar committed to giving back to the community who has shared their stories and knowledge on Maya identity with him.
100% of ticket sales went to support victims of the twin hurricanes, Eta and Iota.

EPIC: a Popol Vuh Play dedicated to Daniel Maya

EPIC blends ancient Mayan stories with the lives of young artists in South Omaha in a creative way using shadow puppets, live and recorded music, and a diverse cast drawn from the community. The stories and characters are compiled from story circles held in South Omaha communities and reimagined into a play. It was commissioned and presented by Great Plains Theater Commons, written by Ellen Struve, directed by Michael John Garcés.
Following three young artists tasked with creating a new mural, the play explores themes of family, immigration and art pulled from the experience of community members in South Omaha and from the sacred Mayan text, the Popul Vuh.
All proceeds went to the family of Daniel Maya who was killed by the state of Guatemala for his activism in defense of Mother Earth and was declared a Maya Hero by the Q’anjob’al Maya Nation

Maya Health Fair 2020

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