Maya Education

Maya Education Initiative

CMPI’s Maya Education Initiative consists of the Maya Academic Achievement Council, Maya Leadership Development Program and Adult Education; furthermore, education plays an important role in CMPI initiatives in line with articles 13, 14, and 15 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 

Article 13

  1. Indigenous peoples have the right to revitalize, use, develop and transmit to future generations their histories, languages, oral traditions, philosophies, writing systems and literatures, and to designate and retain their own names for communities, places and persons. 
  1. States shall take effective measures to ensure that this right is protected and also to ensure that indigenous peoples can understand and be understood in political, legal and administrative proceedings, where necessary through the provision of interpretation or by other appropriate means. 

Article 14 

  1. Indigenous peoples have the right to establish and control their educational systems and institutions providing education in their own languages, in a manner appropriate to their cultural methods of teaching and learning. 
  1. Indigenous individuals, particularly children, have the right to all levels and forms of education of the State without discrimination. 
  1. States shall, in conjunction with indigenous peoples, take effective measures, in order for indigenous individuals, particularly children, including those living outside their communities, to have access, when possible, to an education in their own culture and provided in their own language. 

Article 15 

  1. Indigenous peoples have the right to the dignity and diversity of their cultures, traditions, histories and aspirations which shall be appropriately reflected in education and public information. 
  2. States shall take effective measures, in consultation and cooperation with the indigenous peoples concerned, to combat prejudice and eliminate discrimination and to promote tolerance, understanding and good relations among indigenous peoples and all other segments of society

Maya Academic Achievement Council

CAMPI’s Maya Academic Achievement Council (MAAC) operates under the Native Indigenous Centered Education of the Omaha Public Schools (OPS) and in collaborative efforts with OPS’ Office of Equity and Diversity. CAMPI’s MAAC assists OPS in 1) curriculum review, 2) improvement of the communication gap between OPS and the Maya community 3) Maya culture celebration within OPS and 4) improve school attendance and academic achievement for the Maya youth.

CAMPI’s Maya Youth Mentoring Program is designed to promote higher education among the Maya youth in OPS who would be first generation college students. This program meets on a biweekly basis and it is implemented in collaborative efforts between CMPI and the Maya Community Health Collaborative (MCHC) a medical student organization of Creighton University’s School of Medicine. 

Maya Leadership Development Program

CAMPI’s Maya Leadership Development Program consists of going through a process of mind & heart deprograming and decolonization. Our leadership development program is focused on character building so that the decisions we make are based on principles that transcends cultures, time periods, religions and nation state borders.  Literatures used include Sacred Books of the Maya Nation, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Peoples, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to name a few. CMPI continually creates an organizational culture based on principles creating synergy for mutual benefits among members of the human family.  

Basic Adult Education Program

CMPI´s Basic Adult Education Program is oriented towards employment readiness.  It includes drivers education courses, English as an Alternative Language Classes, and basic computer classes. 

Please see our Events and Community Calendar for class schedules   

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